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My name is Sherri Simmons, and I just found out who I am underneath my hat. After writing my book 3 years ago, I began to soul search. What I found through prayer, counseling, and sharing my story to those who would listen, I had no idea who I was. I realized that I had been living this fantasy tale of what I thought a woman was, and who I thought I was, but my story was written by someone else.


I am a daughter, I am a wife, and I am a sister; but I had not one inkling about who Sherri was. I had been so accustomed to putting on a facade of what a daughter should be, and how a wife should act, and how a teacher should carry herself, but I never took the time to show people who I really was. I soon found out that when given the opportunity, I was uncertain.


Author & Speaker

Sherri Simmons

Sherri Simmons is a self-published author and a budding and rising speaker sharing her personal journey as a former divorcee and her experiences with abuse. 


 Her book Underneath the Hat takes a look at her role of wearing the hat of a woman, wife, and friend in manipulative and abusive relationships. It explores the topic of lost identity and what it takes to gain it back.


Since the launch and release of her book, Sherri has been featured on many radio shows and podcasts, including speaking engagements. Sherri also has her own podcast titled after her book that further explores helping women escape and overcome abuse. 




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